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Most of the objects in the handling collection are from the museum’s collections and each box comes with information about the objects.  All the themes below have downloadable resources including a teachers’ booklet with background information and activities, photo cards for classroom use and PowerPoints.   These have been developed in partnership with schools in Slough.

Download the booking form to book a handling collection loan box.

Half-term: £50 for one box, £85 for two loan boxes, £125 for three boxes or £150 for four boxes.

Download Medieval Slough KS1 history [link to current Late Medieval & Early Tudor Archaeology box]

Exploring Victorian buildings: colour and pattern in brickwork KS2 Art and Design and History

Download Teachers’ booklet
Download Victorian buildings photocards
Download Victorian brickwork photocards

Download Herschel Park role play KS2 history and geography [link to Herschel Park box]

Download Victorian home life KS2 history [link to Victorian Domestic Home box]

Download Victorian samples KS2 history [link to Victorian samplers]

Download Victorian doll’s clothes KS2 history [link to 19th century dolls clothes box]

Download Victorian toys KS2 history [link to 19th and 20th century toys box]

Made in Slough: The Trading Estate game KS2 History and English

Download Teacher’s booklet
Download Photocards
Download Trading Estate game [link to Trading Game box]
Download Slough Trading Estate [link to Slough Trading Estate box]
Download Elliman’s Embrocation [link to Elliman’s Embrocation box]

Made in Slough: Horlicks KS1/KS2 Art and Design, ICT and Science

Download Teacher’s booklet
Download The Horlicks factory and Art Deco design PowerPoint
Download ICT activities

Horlicks handling collection loan box [link to Horlicks box]

A global war: hidden histories of the First World War KS3 History

Download Teachers’ booklet
Download Photocards
Download First World War handling collection box


Download The Home Front [link to Second World War – volunteer roles in Slough box]

Download Slough in the 1950s and 1960s [link to the Slough in the 1950s and 1960s box]

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We offer talks and workshops at the museum or at your venue.  We have the following themes and each workshop is run by our team of volunteers. There is a small charge to cover volunteer expenses.

Victorian Slough – handling collection boxes and photo books
Industrial Slough – handling collection boxes and photo books
First World War – handling collection box
Second World War – handling collection box and photo books
Modern Slough – handling collection box of Slough in the 1950s and 1960s and Slough today.
Photo books for reminiscence and storytelling are also on different areas of Slough.


Telephone: 01753 526422